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We believe it is important to think of financial advice as broader than investing and insurance because it is all money related decisions that you make that contribute to your overall financial position. We are passionate about transparent and comprehensive financial advice because we believe that is a true financial advice relationship.

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How we work with you

financial foundations meeting

financial foundations meeting

This is a 1.5hr meeting covering all the main areas of your financial life. We will review what you have and what you are doing, and then highlight areas you may need to consider making changes to improve efficiencies. We will provide you example strategies that you can implement immediately after the meeting, however no specific product advice is provided. It’s your ultimate Financial Health Check.Total cost: $330 inc GST

project advice

project advice

This fee covers the creation of your initial financial plan along with our meetings and related strategy discussions. It includes the implementation of any recommended financial products (insurance policies, superfunds) and will be documented via a formal Statement of Advice. There is no proactive ongoing advice provided under this arrangement, any further work will be charged at the Ad Hoc hourly rate.Project costs: $1,100 - $7,700 inc GST

parinity partnership program

parinity partnership program

This is our ongoing advice service, we become your ‘Go to’ for anything to do with your finances, giving you options to improve your financial situation – then make it happen.Our partnership program is built on close, long-term relationships and so we only have a limited number of spaces, give us a call today to find out about our waiting list.Total cost: $275/month - $1,100/month inc GST

Engagement Comparison

Financial Health Check

Written Advice




Adhoc Advice


Financial Foundations Meeting


One Time Project Advice


$1,000 - $7000

(Average $3,500)

Parinity Partnership Program


$275 - $1,100 a month*

*The Partnership programs includes an increasing fee structure based on positive results. For further details please read our Parinity Partnership Program brochure.

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