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FIRE is about buying your time back and choosing freedom sooner rather than more money later.

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There are many versions of F.I.R.E but all have a central theme. You want to create passive income so you aren’t working to live.

About Adam

Hey there, I’m Adam and I’m one of the advisors at Parinity and the head of Parinity F.I.R.E.

Parinity F.I.R.E gives you the option to retire early using a qualified licenced financial planner. A comprehensive plan will be made to cover all areas of your life. Superannuation, Self Managed Super, investing, budgeting, tax, loans, debt management, estate planning, wills and power of attorney. Australians use professional services for legal, tax and health issues. So why do they rely on podcasts and anonymous blogs for the most impactful service of their life? Gaining financial independence. Parinity F.I.R.E bridges that gap.

I was born and raised an average Australian and have never earned more than the average income. By applying my skillset as a financial planner, I now have a life that makes others say, “Lucky you”.

I’m currently based in Thailand where I live in my paid for apartment, I travel to a different country 3 to 4 times a year and take weekend getaways every month.

If I lost all of my income streams tomorrow, I would be able to live for 3 months with all my expenses paid.

I only need to work 10 hours a week to support myself, but I choose to work 20 to 30 hours over 4 days so that I can invest and retire early.

I plan to semi-retire in 5 years. Semi meaning, I will drastically reduce my workload and work more freelance based rather than ‘clocking in’ every Monday.

I believe work is a means to an end only and the goal of financial planning is financial independence. That is to create passive income that matches your expenses: creating a situation where work is an option rather than a requirement.

As a planner I like to work with the knowns, that is what you currently have and make plans based on that. I don’t make plans based on future income or speculative property gains. I predominately use stocks as my investment vehicle as I believe Australian’s over confidence and reliance in property creates the common situation of “Equity rich, cash poor”. Cash flow is crucial to being wealthy and to exclude it to me is nonsense.

My current and past clients have achieved the following:

  • One couple paid off their home loan in 3 years at age 36 and have begun investing to retire at 45.
  • One animator built a portfolio that sustained him travelling the world for 3 months of the year.
  • One average income earner saved half her pay and built a $100,000 portfolio in 2 years.
  • One Fly In Fly Out worker saved 50% of their take home pay consistently for one year.
  • One Aussie mum became a millionaire never earning more than $60,000 gross income.

want to choose freedom?

“Work is a means to an end only. While I enjoy my work and am passionate about helping people with their finances, I want to have the option to work on my own terms. I don’t want a million-dollar portfolio, I want to buy my time back”.

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What is F.I.R.E. and is it for you?

Parinity F.I.R.E. is a service offered for those whose financial goals could be classed as alternative. Goals centred around the idea of retiring earlier than usual. The key letter in FIRE is E: early. You want to retire earlier than most. That is, not at 60 or 65. Maybe 55, 45, or even as early as 35.

Buying back your freedom

The traditional structure of financial planning may not suit someone who wants to retire early. A structure that involves: salary sacrificing into super for the tax benefits, redrawing on your home equity to buy an investment property, paying thousands each year in insurance to service your high debt level years, planning one big holiday each year, working full time for the next 20 to 30 years and retiring with millions at 60 and hoping you’re in good health.

3 examples of applying F.I.R.E are:

  • Semi-retirement. You have your basic expenses covered and a healthy emergency fund. You only work for your extra fun and travel money. This could mean doing contract work for 2 months then travelling for 3. Working at a café and quitting the day the boss annoys you. Sitting at the beach all day reading while trying to make your hobby into a small side income.
  • Lean early retirement. A minimalist lifestyle with all expenses covered. You have no need to work and have a set budget each year for travelling and hobbies. Your time is your own but your life is based around free or low cost activities: riding your bike, surfing, hiking, playing games or volunteering at the local dog shelter.
  • Early retirement. You have no need to work and your life includes unnecessary luxuries. Overseas trips are paid for, new vehicles and eating out at that nice steak house aren’t uncommon. This is the image most of us associate with the word retirement.
“The lower your number the faster we get there. The idea is to cut away the fluff while still remaining happy. I could retire tomorrow if all I wanted was to watch Netflix every day and eat basic rice dishes”.

This number you need to be happy is different for everyone. Once we establish that number, we aim to build up that income passively through investments. Once we have built our investments, we start our new life doing what we want. Sleep, travel, spend time with family, drive around Australia, spend a month in Cambodia, work or all of the above.

How much and why should you use Parinity?

The best analogy I’ve ever heard of financial planning is someone sailing a ship for 6 months before calling to ask for help. The captain receives a call from someone needing help to reach their destination. The advice given is “You should have steered east 6 months ago”.

financial foundations meeting

financial foundations meeting

Think of this meeting like asking someone for directions at the jetty before you sail off. “Go this way” will help you more than you sailing blindly, but it doesn’t allow for adjustment and corrections along the way. A 90-minute chat to discuss your plans and look at your situation objectively.

  • How does FIRE work and is it for you?
  • Is FIRE possible for you based on your current income and spending habits?
  • Are you on the right path to achieve your goals?
  • Some overall ideas on how to lower your expenses.
Total cost: $330 inc GST

project advice

project advice

This is an actual map for your sailing trip with marked co-ordinates. You are given a steering wheel but it’s up to you to use it. We tell you exactly how to retire early, give you the budget, set up your investments and give you the tools to implement and track it yourself.

  • Creation of your initial financial plan.
  • Implementation of any recommended financial products
  • Formal Statement of Advice.
Project costs: $1,100 - $7,700 inc GST

parinity partnership program

parinity partnership program

This is your personal, on-board captain option. We start with an initial "project advice" consultation.This program is the most intensive and yields the best results. Monthly check-ins ensure you are sticking to the plan and catch any issues before they do any real damage. You are kept focussed and the plan is followed through as life happens.Contact us today to hear about our past client results.Total cost: $275/month - $1,100/month inc GST

Why don’t I just read the online blogs if I want to retire early?

Most blogs and podcasts aren’t produced by qualified advisers. In Australia it’s illegal to give financial advice or recommend financial products without an Australian Financial Services License. The advice you receive isn’t from a professional who understands every aspect of financial planning that is needed to give effective advice. You see a mechanic to fix your car, a solicitor for legal advice, so why do people take financial advice from strangers at a BBQ and free blogs? Would you design your dream home after watching a 10-minute YouTube video on architecture?

A blog might tell you to save and that your Super should have low fees, but it will miss a crucial aspect of your situation that will cost you tens of thousands over the years. A podcast can’t tell you whether to accept the share offer package given by your company, it can’t tell you how to best refinance your loan to save the most interest, it can’t tell you what insurance you need when you transition from the work force, it can’t structure your investments to be tax effective when you take a year off work, it can’t tell you how to best deal with the $10,000 emergency loan that you need to give your children, it can’t tell you how to set up an estate to distribute your wealth to your family, it can’t tell you how to pay less CGT on your upcoming investment property sale, it can’t tell you how to best dissolve your current business partnership, it can’t tell you how to use margin lending to reduce your tax and build your wealth faster and it can’t tell you how to arrange your Australian tax affairs when you decide to work online and live in Thailand.

Efficiency and accountability. A lot of the “basics are covered” through personal finance reading and you can make some positive changes yourself. You might be able to get your head around the basics after a year of regular reading in your spare time and start to implement those changes. You make some changes and are budgeting better, paying less interest on your home loan and have your investments making a good return. But it took you 18 months to understand and implement those basic changes. Working with a planner those changes are implemented immediately and when you extrapolate the savings over time you are tens of thousands ahead. Also, people lose focus. A planner will keep you accountable and held to the highest standard.

Imagine you have $100,000 ready to invest and hold it in cash for 1 year making 3%. After a year you learn how to invest, and the money grows to $228,635 over the next 9 years. Now imagine you come to a financial planner from day one. You gain 9% from day one. 10 years later you have $245,236. You paid the planner $3,000 for the advice and gained $16,601. Net gain $13,601 or 553%. Imagine you begin reading the “No Shoes” investor book and begin working through the chapters. Your budget is in check, your home loan is fixed but are suddenly seriously injured and are unable to work. You aren’t properly insured and need to redraw on your home loan for 8 months while you recover and look for another job. Now imagine you paid a planner and the proper insurances were put into place. You don’t need to redraw on the home loan because you got paid out $300,000 from Trauma insurance or your income protection policy kicked in. You paid the planner $6,000 for budgeting, super and insurance advice. Net gain $294,000. These are two simple examples of hundreds of the tangible value a good planner can provide for you.

Financial planners are personal trainers for your finances. Having a full-time personal trainer working with you each week will allow you to adapt as your situation changes. All your questions will be answered as they arise, and any necessary changes made instantly. This constant monitoring and adapting paired with accountability and progress tracking yields phenomenal results.

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